Our Strategy for Small Business Private Equity

The Hadley Ownership System is purpose-built, centered around stewardship, and delivers success for all stakeholders.

Hadley Ownership System — Getting it Done

Any small company owner can tell you that small does not mean easy. We designed The Hadley Ownership System™ with this in mind.

The process includes three overlapping phases of development that are designed to improve results along five dimensions of value creation.


2. Foundation

3. Growth

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From Transition to transformation

Learn more about how the Hadley Ownership System™ helped a founder and his team achieve succes for all stakeholders. Learn more about how we get it done.


Honor and support the existing business to keep it stable and profitable.

GT Golf

Craig Pollard built GT Golf Supplies from a one-man traveling sales effort into the nation’s leading distributor of golf accessories. After 20 years of hard work he was ready to spend time on new opportunities, including a charity that he founded. Craig was still instrumental to GT Golf and was leading the business day-to...



Year Founded

Founder Led

Business Type


Year of Hadley Partnership

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