Our Strategy

Long-term vision, realized through thoughtful improvements over time.

We support achievement of increased growth and value through patience and hard work, guided by a long-term strategic view. We get to know each company thoroughly so we can help make thoughtful improvements. We don’t seek to fix what isn’t broken.

Patience and collaboration

We have never been a firm that invests for fast profits. Instead, our objective is long-term capital appreciation, with ownership in our companies that averages more than seven years. We work closely with management teams to assure an alignment of interests, typically implementing equity plans for company executives to give them a stake in their company’s success.

Adding value

Our goal is to make good small companies even better. We do this over time by providing the resources, knowledge and talent to implement positive, growth-producing changes.

At Hadley Capital, we are not looking to run companies. We believe each company’s management team should run the company. In some cases, business owners continue to manage their business after a sale. In other instances, the owners retire and transition out fairly quickly.