Founder & Owner Managed Businesses

Sell all or a portion of your business in order to create new freedoms, capitalize on opportunities and achieve success.


Founder & Owner Managed Business Considerations

Founders and owners often face a crossroads at the intersection of ownership transition and management succession:

  • finding a qualified buyer for the business;
  • educating themselves on the sale process;
  • identifying and training a successor;
  • retiring immediately to pursue other opportunities or passions;
  • staying involved but only in areas that provide a lot of energy;
  • receiving cash at closing to secure retirement;
  • retaining a small ownership position to get a “second bite at the apple”.

Learn about one Founder & Owner Managed Business success story.

More than a dozen small business founders and owners have realized their personal and professional goals through a sale or partial sale of their business to Hadley. How can we help you?

How We Can Help Your Small Company

Ownership Transition

When the time comes you’ll want a partner with unmatched experience.
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Management Succession

Succession is hard, getting it right is critical for a successful outcome.
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Growth Support

More than just capital, a strategic partner for what lies ahead.
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Founder & Owner Managed Businesses

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GT Golf Supplies

"It’s been a very rewarding experience for my staff, customers, and suppliers to have the Hadley team guiding a well-thought-out growth model that mitigates risks and does things in an intelligent and strategic manner." - Craig Pollard, Founder of GT Golf Supplies