Sale/Partial Sale

Sell all or a portion of your business in order to create liquidity and position your business for future success.

For many founders and owners of successful small businesses their occupation and their primary financial asset is their business. After 20 or 30 years of hard work they frequently face a crossroads – they must evaluate selling all or a portion of their business in order to conduct an orderly transition from day-to-day management and to secure their financial nest egg.

We work with founders and owners to gain appreciation for their occupational and financial goals. Occupational goals can range from retiring tomorrow in order to play more golf or spend more time with family to staying involved in the business but shedding management responsibilities and focusing on areas of the business that provide a lot of energy and excitement. Financial goals typically involve receiving a significant cash payment at closing in order to secure their pending or eventual retirement as well as estate planning goals. Each situation is unique, but Hadley Capital has a lot of experience in helping founders and owners to put together a plan that allows them to achieve their goals through a sale or partial sale of their small business.

Over the past 20 years, we have assisted many founders and small business owners accomplish their personal and professional goals through a sale or partial sale of their business. Read more about one sale success story.

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