Acquisition Recapitalization for Small Businesses

Sell all or a portion of your business in order to create new freedoms, capitalize on opportunities and achieve success.

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Founder & Owner Managed Business Considerations

Founders and owners often face a crossroads at the intersection of ownership transition and management succession:

  • finding a qualified buyer for the business;

  • educating themselves on the sale process;

  • identifying and training a successor;

  • retiring immediately to pursue other opportunities or passions;

  • staying involved but only in areas that provide a lot of energy;

  • receiving cash at closing to secure retirement;

  • retaining a small ownership position to get a “second bite at the apple”.

Learn about one Founder & Owner Managed Business success story.

More than a dozen small business founders and owners have realized their personal and professional goals through a sale or partial sale of their business to Hadley. How can we help you?

How We Can Help Your Small Company

Ownership Transition

When the time comes you’ll want a partner with unmatched experience.
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Management Succession

Succession is hard, getting it right is critical for a successful outcome.
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Growth Support

More than just capital, a strategic partner for what lies ahead.
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Founder & Owner Managed Businesses

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GT Golf Supplies

"It’s been a very rewarding experience for my staff, customers, and suppliers to have the Hadley team guiding a well-thought-out growth model that mitigates risks and does things in an intelligent and strategic manner." - Craig Pollard, Founder of GT Golf Supplies

JRI Industries

"They understood that the best thing for all of us was for me as CEO to focus on the business and our customers. They freed me to do that." - Jim Jones, Former CEO of JRI

QDx Pathology Services

"Taking QDx to the next level required a partner that shared my vision and who would support the investments and time required to realize that vision. Hadley was with us every step of the way." - Dr. M. Nasar Qureshi, Founder and CEO of QDx Pathology