Sell your Small
Company with confidence

Take the next steps in your journey knowing
your business and team are in experienced hands.

Focus on Your Situation

Selling your small company is a big step
we appreciate what may be holding you back.

Ownership Fatigue

Owning a small company comes with a lot of compounding pressures and they can take a toll. Hadley helps remove those challenges so you can focus on your passions - inside and outside of the business.

Unknown Territory

Deciding to sell your small company can lead to confusion about the process. Hadley follows a transparent path that guides you from start to finish.

Important Decisions

You’ve worked hard to see your company grow. Whether you want to take it to new heights or reap the benefits of your hard work, Hadley is here to be your partner.

We Buy Small Companies

A dedicated partner that understands your unique situation and that getting it right matters.


We’ve done it for over 20 years

We’ve committed millions of dollars to back it up. We get it because we’ve done it, it’s all we do.

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We have acquired more than 25 companies that represent an exclusive group of market leaders.

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How We Can Help Your Small Company

Ownership Transition

When the time comes you’ll want a partner with unmatched experience.
An Ownership Transition Support Story…

Management Succession

Succession is hard, getting it right is critical for a successful outcome.
A Management Succession Support Story…

Growth Support

More than just capital, a strategic partner for what lies ahead.
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A Transparent Three Step Process

Discover how our unique processes provide small company owners with clarity and confidence and improves outcomes for everyone.

Our Companies

Small businesses, big impacts.

  • Bluff Manufacturing
  • Centare
  • Gillinder Glass
  • GT Golf Supplies
  • i-deal Optics
  • Pneu-Con
  • QDx Pathology Services
  • Storflex Fixture Corporation

Hadley Ownership System Case Study

i-deal Optics

i-deal Optics was in many ways the stereotypical American family business facing a familiar dilemma –meeting the needs of the first generation of the family while leaving an opportunity for the next generation. Hadley worked with the family to implement the ...



Year Founded

Family Business

Business Type

2008 - 2015

Years of Hadley Partnership

i-deal optics team members reading brochure

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