Management Buyout

Acquire the business you lead and gain an experienced partner committed to your growth strategy.


Management Buyout Considerations

A management-led buyout can be an ideal way to address the needs of business owners and their dedicated management teams.

  • For business owners
  • create substantial liquidity through a sale;
  • exit day-to-day management;
  • leave the business in the hands of your experienced and capable team.
  • For a management team
  • become a meaningful owner, participate in the upside;
  • drive your growth plan;
  • gain more control over your destiny.

Learn more about one management-led buyout success story.

We have partnered with multiple management teams to acquire the businesses that they lead. How can we help you?

How We Can Help Your Small Company

Ownership Transition

When the time comes you’ll want a partner with unmatched experience.
An Ownership Transition Support Story…

Management Succession

Succession is hard, getting it right is critical for a successful outcome.
A Management Succession Support Story…

Growth Support

More than just capital, a strategic partner for what lies ahead.
A Growth Support Story…

Our Management Buyouts

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Bluff Manufacturing

"Each Hadley partner was available and approachable for genuine dialogue but most importantly let me focus on running the business." - Andrea Curreri, President of Bluff Manufacturing