What to Expect When Selling a Family Business

Address the often complex needs of families while leaving the business in the hands of a good steward.

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Family Business Considerations

The sale of a family business can be an excellent opportunity to address the often competing needs of family businesses:

  • retained family ownership;

  • on-going employment for family members;

  • family legacy in the community;

  • distribution of sale proceeds among active and inactive family members;

  • management succession between generations;

  • potential introduction of non-family management.

Learn more about one family business success story.

We have helped 2nd generation to 6th generation family businesses accomplish their goals through a sale to Hadley. How can we help you?

How We Can Help Your Small Company

Ownership Transition

When the time comes you’ll want a partner with unmatched experience.
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Management Succession

Succession is hard, getting it right is critical for a successful outcome.
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Growth Support

More than just capital, a strategic partner for what lies ahead.
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Our Family Businesses

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Gillinder Glass

"As a sixth-generation owner, it was extremely important to me to find a new owner that would be a good steward of the business, it’s people and customers. I found that in Hadley." - Charlie Gillinder, 6th generation family owner

i-deal Optics

"They really took the time to learn the business and listen to us, and when we made changes, they had a significant impact on our performance." - Michael Feldman, President of i-deal Optics

Storflex Fixture Corporation

"The team at Hadley took the time to understand our family and our business and that was a difference-maker in our decision to partner with them." - Sharon Grosso, President of Storflex and second generation owner