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Gillinder Glass

Gillinder Glass

Gillinder Glass has been a world leader in the manufacture of soda-lime and borosilicate glass for over 155 years. Its current products “Engineered for Tomorrow’s Technology” include lenses, domes, globes and prisms with precision coloring, low coefficient of expansion, enhanced thermal change endurance, and high impact resistance. The company’s products are used by leading, global companies in airfield, aircraft, military, industrial and many others industries.

Gillinder Glass maintains a fully-equipped in-house mold and design shop and its staff of chemists, physicists and engineers provide free technical development and design advice to assist customers in development of custom solutions for complex applications.

The company was founded in 1861 and is based in Port Jervis, New York.

Hadley Capital acquired Gillinder Glass from a 6th generation member of the Gillinder family who was running the business as President. With no 7th generation family member to run the company, Hadley Capital transitioned the business to a new President.

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