Published May 16, 2013

Investing in Existing Portfolio Companies

By Scott Dickes

Business investment can take many forms. Hiring or upgrading personnel, purchasing additional equipment, expanding IT systems, etc.  Each business is different and has different needs at different times.

Hadley Capital understands that businesses need continued investment to succeed. Two of Hadley Capital’s portfolio companies (PSI and ISS) recently moved into new facilities custom designed and built for their specific needs. These facilities will help each company continue to expand and serve their clients for many years to come.

Occasionally you hear stories about private equity owners that stop investing in companies and strip them of assets and sweep every penny out of the business. That might work in the short-term, but not in the long-term. Hadley Capital wants to create true long-term value and we recognize that continued on-going investment in portfolio companies is an important part of the equation.

Scott Dickes - General Partner

Scott founded Hadley Capital in 1998 with the objective of bringing a professional investment strategy to the small company market. Scott has spent the better part of two decades financing and growing small companies. It’s in his blood … he grew up visiting small companies on family vacations with his dad who was also a small company investor.

Scott works with Gillinder Glass, S&S, Custom Label, Harris Seeds, ISS, and W.C. Rouse, and was previously the chairman of the board of Packaging Specialists, JRI Industries and Kelatron, all former Hadley Capital companies.

He enjoys traveling with his family, flying (instrument rated pilot), rock climbing, golf, paddle tennis, and water skiing. Scott recently took up beekeeping as a hobby.

Scott is a Trustee of the Hadley School for the Blind (no affiliation). He holds a BA from Duke University and received his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Scott and his wife have two teenage children.