Published November 03, 2011

Small Company M&A Due Diligence & We're Sellers, Too!

By Scott Dickes

Before Hadley Capital invests in a company we conduct due diligence.  We seek to learn as much as we can about the business to avoid surprises and be ready for the future, whatever that may bring.  The due diligence process can be rather exhaustive, especially on a business owner who hasn't been through it before.

But the shoe is often on the other foot.  Hadley Capital is not only a buyer of companies, but also a seller.  We know what a good due diligence process looks like – one that is complete but not unreasonable.  When we are buying, we do not ask any business owner to do things in due diligence that we ourselves are not willing to do.

I have spent the past month selling one of our companies.  In this case the buyer was a public company, and I can safely say that its due diligence makes Hadley Capital's seem like the minor leagues!