Hadley Capital Acquires W.C. Rouse & Son

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of W.C Rouse & Son. W.C Rouse is based in North Carolina and is the southeast's leading provider of commercial and industrial boiler equipment and services. W.C Rouse works with their customers to improve the efficiency, reliability, and safety of their boiler system with low cost, effective solutions. This transaction is another example of Hadley Capital working with a small business founder seeking to diversify their assets. We welcome W.C Rouse to the Hadley Capital family.


Scott Dickes - General Partner

Scott founded Hadley Capital in 1998 with the idea of bringing a professional approach to the small company market and a passion for working with small company owners. It’s in his blood…he grew up visiting small companies on family vacations with his dad who was also a small company investor.

Scott works with Gillinder Glass, Filter Holdings, Custom Label, GT Schmidt, New Age Cryo, Harris Seeds, ISS, and W.C. Rouse. He was previously the chairman of the board of Packaging Specialists, JRI Industries and Kelatron, all former Hadley companies. Scott currently chairs the Hadley Institute for the Blind Board of Trustees (no affiliation).

He enjoys traveling with his family, flying (instrument rated pilot), rock climbing, golf, paddle tennis, water skiing and unwinds with beekeeping. He holds a BA from Duke University and received his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Scott and his wife Erin have two grown children.