Published October 03, 2013

Hadley Capital Supports Management Buyout of Centare Group

By Paul Wormley

In late August, Hadley Capital and the management team of Centare partnered up to acquire the assets and business of Centare Group from its founders. Centare has grown very rapidly over the last three years thanks to innovative services that are in high demand from its customers and a highly talented workforce led by a dedicated management team.

Together with our management team partners we plan to build on Centare's past successes while making the investments and improvements necessary to support its future growth.

Centare is another example of Hadley Capital successfully partnering with small company management teams to buy out founders or inactive owners. In 2012, Hadley Capital also supported the management buyout of Bluff Manufacturing. If you are a manager considering a buyout of a company that you run, please contact us to learn more about how we might be able to help you.

More information about the Centare transaction is available here.