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How To Avoid The Impending Crisis That Impacts Your Future And Our Country's Future

Small companies are the backbone of the American economy and are typically the #1 asset and source of wealth for small company owners. Yet, a majority don't have an exit plan.

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  • The Benefits of Exit Strategies
  • Common Situations When Exit Strategy Matters
  • 5 Exit Strategies for Small Companies
  • Avoiding the Temptation to do Nothing
  • 3 Simple Steps to Get Started
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Hadley is the small company buyer you never knew existed. We have acquired more than 30 small companies over the past 20 years.

Small businesses, big impacts.

  • Bluff Manufacturing
  • Centare
  • Gillinder Glass
  • GT Golf Supplies
  • i-deal Optics
  • Pneu-Con
  • QDx Pathology Services
  • Storflex Fixture Corporation
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